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About Us

Stephanie's Perennials is here for all your gardening needs! We offer a variety of locally and organically grown perennial and annual flowering plants, as well as vegetables, herbs, seeds, fertilizers, potting soils and small gifts. Visit us today to add some sunshine and color to your life!

Located At:

230 Bedford Street

Lakeville, Massachusetts


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Our Services

Perennial Flowers




Hanging Baskets

Organic Fertilizers

Organic Potting Soil

Organic Pest Deterrent 


Locally resourced Honey 

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Stephanie's Perennials has a new look!
We've got a brand new roof and some new paint on the doors.

We're getting ready for a new season, so keep checking here, social media and your inboxes for updates.

​Seasonal Plants
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Trowel and Soil
Soil and Fertilizer
Events & Workshops
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Pest Deterrent

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